I asked one of my clients the other day to describe what it is that I do best.

Her answer, “OMG its like I bring you all the S*%@T in my life and somehow you turn it into jewels!”

We both had a chuckle over that one, but the truth is, what I do is modern day alchemy.

There’s gold to be found in everything you experience.

“So what exactly do you do?” you ask. “What do you mean you’re an alchemist?

To start, I don’t approach life like most people do.

What you judge as pain or negativity, I see as opportunity.

Whatever ails you, I know is a bold invitation for something more!

Because what’s hurting may be giving you important clues about an expansive new path opening up if you’re curious and willing to explore it.

But I get that stepping into unchartered territory can bring up a lot of fear.

And chances are you’re reading this because you’ve already tried a lot of different things that haven’t quite worked out as you’d hoped, or just incrementally so, making you wonder if its even possible to create the life you desire.

Still, too often people want the quick fix, something that won’t require stepping too far out of their comfort zone.

What I know though is that the freedom you seek is not going to be found inside the safe harbor you’re used to.

Not to worry my friend, as a seasoned navigator I will steer you in the right direction if what you desire is a new and exciting adventure, or just a fresh perspective.

As a therapist of 23 years, and a fellow traveler on the path, I know what’s useful and what isn’t when it comes to creating the change you desire.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to discover what works.

And what I know is while traditional mainstream methods of healing have their merit, so much more is possible when you’re willing to step outside that box!

For instance I’m fluent in the language of synchronicity and dreaming, and know how to navigate the imaginal realm where you can access what you truly want to create and bring it through to your physical reality.

I’m also fascinated with how spirit and science intersect. I love how they’ve been talking about many of the same things all along, just using different language.

For instance how  “everything is energy.” 

One camp talks about that in terms of the principles of Quantum Physics while the other one talks about how Spirit infuses matter.

But both agree that at some level, we’re “all one.”

Or another way to look at it is we live inside a holographic universe, where everything exists simultaneously, and everything is connected in the quantum field. This allows you to tap into a vast source field of energy and information to shape your reality.  A distinction that allows for way more possibility in terms of health and healing.

And when you know how to play at that level, you can create deep, transformational change with so much more ease!

And for you especially intrepid souls, I’d love to assist you in accessing your multi-dimensional super powers so that you can bend and shape so-called “reality” into something more to your liking.

In fact, off-road adventures are my specialty!

So dear Captain, if you are willing to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” then I assure you, your life is about to get way more interesting!

If you are ready to transform what’s stopping you from creating the life you truly desire, I have some extraordinary tools that can help you change that up quickly and seemingly magically

So my friend, does that sound like fun to you?

Would you like to play in the field of infinite possibility?

We can go as deep and as far as you are willing, to open up the limitless potential that you, as Source incarnate, wishes to express!

So how about we create a little magic for you?

Jump on over to my  Life Alchemy Sessions  page and  let’s get started!